Washing Machine Repair Service

The washing machine makes your washing process easy and fast. So, more or less, you have to admit the necessity of a washing machine in your place. While using the washing machine, if you observe that your machine is having problems or break down, it is evident that there is something wrong with your washing machine. Mainly when your washing machine does not perform as earlier or even does not work entirely, then clothes cleaning become a headache for you. And then it becomes essential to look for budget-friendly washing machine repairing service. 

Therefore, MS Engineering has come up with a trustworthy best washing machine repair service. Instead of worrying alone, look for MS Engineering novel solution of washing machine servicing at Dhaka. Our service will make you feel like a cheap washing machine repair near me.


Washing Machine Problem Identification

  • Inadequately Clean the Clothes
  • Stop spinning of the machine
  • Not starting properly
  • Making loud noises
  • Filling up water but not draining
  • Technical errors in agitator
  • Machine vibrating and shaking

 If any above-mentioned problem occurs with your machine, then it's better to take stances to repair. Sometimes simple errors can be solved by automatic washing machine repair. So there is mainly a need for vigilance act for home appliances maintenance.


Service Feature:

  • Assurance of safety
  • Handled by the veteran technician
  • Doorstep service
  • Exact problem diagnosis
  • Free from the extra charge
  • Warranted service
  • Emergency servicing at night shift.  


Excluding Factor of Servicing:

Washing machine installation and washing machine circuit repair both have different criteria of their own. For installment, we need some parts or accessories that need to be bought by yourself. Repairing any parts also requires small accessories. These accessories or parts cost will be included with the washing machine repair cost.


·Additional parts and accessories price (if applicable)

  • Carrying new materials/parts requires transportation cost (if applicable)
  • Warranty on consumable materials/parts 
  • Washing machine shifting also involves cost.


 Terms & Conditions

MS engineering has some rules and regulations regarding services and other issues. The following points to be noted before taking services. 

  • Warranty:  Parts manufacturer is entirely responsible for providing warranty on washing machines parts. MS engineering only offers 7- days warranty of their service.
  • Costing: As excluding factors, parts costing also included in the condition of service. You have to bear all costs regarding the necessary parts and washing machine maintenance service.
  • Safety Measures: After service, the customer is responsible for their material and household resources safety and maintenance. During machine maintenance at the service center, the company is liable for appliances safety.  
  • Discharging: After fixing all technical errors and completing parts repairing and installment, MS engineering is free from any future liabilities.
  • Pricing: Customers are solely required to pay the service charge and materials/parts cost yet. (if applicable)
  • Payment: Payment will be taken after completion of the installment or repairing process. Customers will bear all the transportation costs, machine shifting costs, and new parts cost along with our service charge as well.


MS engineering Specialty

If you are looking for convenient home appliances services, then this company will be best for you. We always try to assure your product safety and proper diagnosis system during the repair.

  • Hassle-Free: We provide a comfortable and hassle-free washing machine repairing service. You can also order your appliances accessories without any hesitation or hire veteran Service Providers from us. Our doors and services are always open for you at the doorsteps. 
  • Budget-Friendly: If you need a professional technician for your fond appliance, our company is ready to reduce your tension and provides you with a liable service. Our experienced washing machine technicians will give you the best repairing experience at an affordable cost. 
  • Well-trained Professionals: Our professional technicians will care for your machine thoroughly, and they are discreet and skilled technicians. They are experienced and skilled enough to repair washing machines. 
  • Safety Assurance: Our experts offer safe home appliances repairing service for you. They are too conscious about your machine and can repair your machine with proper care.


According to our policy, we always provide a cost-effective service to our clients. As per our service and parts cost, we will consider our service fees.

After the initial diagnosis, the technician will decide whether the machine has to take outside or be repaired at home. It depends on the diagnosed problem of the machine.

Yes, customers have to pay for all the other allowances fees, including transportation. Moreover, if your machine is needed to be sent to the service center, you also have to pay the transportation cost by yourself.

No, we do not, but we can provide new parts according to your choices and machinery needs. You have to pay the cost of the parts on your own. The parts warranty depends on the parts manufacturing company.