Television Repair Service in Dhaka

Television Repair Service

Today, TV, a modern entertainment home appliance, becomes a part of our everyday life. From local news to international sports updates, all come into our hands just because of this electronic device. Usually, Classic CRT TVs are heavyweight, and the picture quality of these TVs is not good enough yet. So, people are now feeling interested in the new LED TVs. They are lightweight, eye-protective, and can show the latest picture quality. 

One of their most useful advantages of LED TVs is, they can be installed anywhere on the wall. So, you don't need to find a place to keep your TV. But LED TVs are more sensitive than a CRT one. It would be best if you were careful to install it in your perfect position on the wall. Therefore, "MS Engineering" comes with a standard service of wall TV installation in Dhaka.  


We Are Expert In: 

TV is the most important device for entertainment and news. A day without this device is quite annoying. It's hard to find loyal and expert technicians in your rush time. So, we are here to ensure you a delight quality to LED TV installation near you. We offer-

  • TV Installation:  Our technicians can work with any brand. They can ensure the best service quality with proper care. They are best in flat-screen LED TV installation near you. 
  • TV Repair: Like other electrical appliances, a TV can make trouble at any time. Local technicians are experts to fix CRT TV. But most of them aren't enough experienced to repair a LED one. We are offering you a delightful quality of LED TV repair service near you.
  • TV Mounting:  Mounting is one of the essential things for installing a LED wall TV. Our people have skilled enough in-wall TV mounting service. Mounting is very important to hold your TV safely at the wall. We provide professional TV mounting services in Dhaka.   Our service is the best TV mounting service near you.


Reason To Choose Us: 

  • Expert technicians: We provide professional and experienced TV technicians who have sufficient ideas about installing all kinds of wall TV. They are also experts in LED TV repairing yet. They repair LED TV in Dhaka. Now you don't need to waste your time finding loyal and experienced technicians to fix or install your TV. Connect us; we are here to help you.
  • Fast service:  We provide service anywhere at Dhaka. You just need to fix an appointment with us to install or repair your TV. We are closer than your local technicians. Cause we are just one call away from you, our technicians will be at your door whenever you want. We will provide the best treatment for your device. We offer the standard quality of TV installation service near you. 
  • Cost Friendly:  We are cost-friendly in every type of service. We offer friendlier LED TV screen replacement cost than others. Our LED TV backlight repair cost is also affordable. We also provide cheap wall TV mounting service at an affordable price.


 "MS Engineering's" mission is to provide the best and safe repair service you will surely share with others.


Answer: Yes. LED TV is better eye-protective than a CRT one. But if you watch it too much, it can hamper your eyes also.

Answer: Yes, LED TVs save your electric bill more than a CRT one. The latest technology of smart television made this possible.