Refrigerator Repair Service

Facing problems with electronic accessories is very common. But when it is about the refrigerator, then it becomes necessary to repair it fast. As the refrigerator stores our food, so it is very crucial in our day to day life. Therefore, MS Engineering comes forward to help you with our best repair services of a refrigerator near you. 

"MS Engineering" is a platform that offers the best Refrigerator Repairing Service in Dhaka. Just call or contact us if you found any problem in your refrigerator. Our technician will be at your home as soon as possible. You don't need to waste any food yet.


Types of refrigerator we repair: 

We repair all kinds of refrigerator such as- 

  1. Frost Type Refrigerator
  2. Defrost Type Refrigerator
  3. Non Frost type Refrigerator
  4. Chest Type Freezer
  5. Chiller Freezer 


Some common symptoms of a refrigerator that need repair:

  • Becomes noisy
  • Get Leaked 
  • The fridge getting too warm
  • Not making ice 
  • Door sweating
  • Fridge using too much power 
  • The compressor is not working 
  • Buildup of frost

So these are some common problems of a refrigerator. These problems are mostly found when any refrigerator is not functioning well. We provide all of this repairing service of the refrigerator. 


Refrigerator parts we replace:

  1. Ice Maker components
  2. Cold controls 
  3. Water filters
  4. Thermostats
  5. Door seals and switches 
  6. Solenoids
  7. Compressors and condensers 
  8. Replacement bulbs


Why choose us? 

  • Expert technician: Every technician of ours is very professional. Everyone has good experience in refrigerator repairing. So our services will not disappoint you. You will get a good service from us.
  • Budget-friendly cost: We charge a budget-friendly refrigerator repair cost with no extra charges. We always try to ensure the best refrigerator repair service near me. But if it needs replacement or gas filling issues, you need to bear replacement or refrigerator gas refill cost.
  • Home service: "MS Engineering" provides home services for both repairing and replacement near Dhaka. We have a number of technicians who are always ready to help our customers. Just contact us, and we will be at your door to help you without any delay. 
  • Fast service: Our technicians can work very fast with proper attention. So you don't need to wait for a long time of your refrigerator's repair. You can also have the best emergency refrigerator repair service within a very short time if any emergency appears.
  • Service warranty: We have a 7-days commercial refrigerator service warranty. Besides, if you follow our technicians' instructions, then the service will last for a long time. 
  • Ensure safety: Our technicians work with proper care and attention, including safety. So you don't need to worry about other parts of your refrigerator.
  • Parts replacement facility: We provide the parts replacement facility for the refrigerators. We have our own essential installment gears for the refrigerator. But if the customer wants, then they thyself can buy the materials also.  


Condition & terms: 

  1. The service charge is fixed. Only replacement material prices will vary as per your services.
  2. If customers buy parts or materials, they will be responsible for any problem after servicing.
  3. We give 7- day free repair service after service, but you will not free services after 7-days.
  4. While emergency services, you need to pay an extra fee. 


Payment procedure:

Our payment procedure is effortless. You can pay via a mobile banking account. Home service payment will be taken after repairing your refrigerator. No advance fee is needed.  


Booking procedure: 

  1. You can book your refrigerator repair appointment by calling us. You can also cancel or can change your appointment date within 24 hours.
  2. We will inform you about your refrigerator repair appointment by texting or emailing you whichever you prefer. 


MS Engineering's mission is to provide people the best and safe services that you will surely share services with others.  


Answer: No, as we do not manufacture the materials, we don't give any warranty. But if you follow proper maintenance and instructions, the parts and your refrigerator will go for a long time. 

Answer: Of course, you can. But if any problem occurs within 2-3 days, then we will not be responsible, and if you want to call us, then again, service charges will be applicable. 

Answer: We want to say that you should replace your refrigerator's destroyed parts for this problem. Replacement is always a better option than repairing your refrigerator. Once you replace the parts, it will run many years, but there is no guarantee of destruction in the next day after repairing.