Plumbing and Sanitary Service  

Water is essential in every sphere of life. From the lavatory to the kitchen, you need water badly, almost everywhere. Therefore, problems with water and washroom stuff is a common phenomenon in our everyday city life. But, finding an experienced and skilled plumber is almost a challenge in Dhaka city. And so, MS engineering offers you an excellent plumbing service in Dhaka to solve your daily water-related problems.

 Our expert plumber team is well capable of handling your sanitary problems at the best levels. We ensure our service with proper care. Our experienced plumbers have enough ability to fix any problems in time with the best skill. So, you don't need to get worried about the plumber. Here, MS engineering is always ready to help you.


Our Services: 

  • Water meter installation: Meter system of WASA is an effective way to save and ensure limited use of water. But the installation of a new meter is an expert's work. Most local plumbers are unskilled to do this. We provide our skilled team to ensure you a proper way of water meter installation. 
  • Basin installation: If you are not happy with your old basin and want to add a new one, we are here. Our team can help you to add a new basin or change the old one. You don't need to get tensed about your new basin installation anymore. 
  • High commode installation:  A commode is an essential appliance for a lavatory. But installing a commode is really the work of skilled plumbers. Usually, the pipes and the commode need to fix in the right way. Moreover, the perfect angle of a commode is also crucial to make a fast way to clean the waste. Our team has enough expertise in high commode installation. 
  • Low commode installation: Some of us are not used to with high commodes. They usually prefer low commode as well. Low commode installation also requirers a good experience yet. Determination of the floor position and pipe angel requires more attention to ensure fast waste drain ability. Our plumbers usually follow the right way to provides the perfect low commode installation.  
  • High low commode jam clean: Commode's cleaning system can stop working due to waste blockage. It's a very annoying thing for all of us. In such situations, you need an experienced one to clean this jam of garbage. Because an unskilled plumber can damage your drainage line badly. MS Engineering ensures the proper methods to clean high and low commode's jam as well
  • Collection pipe installation: The waste collection pipe of both high and low commode requires a perfect installation. And so, an ideal angle needs to be maintained for fast waste cleaning. If the collection pipe isn't installed correctly, it can cause a jam on your commode. It also slows your waste draining ability. Our experienced plumbers ensure the right way of collection pipe installation. 



Answer: To keep your commode free from jam, you need to install your commode in the right way. Moreover, the collection pipe should be installed with the perfect angle to eliminate a jam's risk.

Answer: If your commode is slow to drain, it's probably for a jam. You need to check the collection pipe and drain pipe to find out the blockage. But you need expert hands to do this.