Microwave Oven Repair in Dhaka

Microwave Oven Repair at Home in Dhaka

Foods are annoying when they are cold. An oven is essential kitchen stuff to warm and make delightful foods. From cake to pizza, we need an oven to prepare them. A microwave oven is more useful than the conventional one. Electronic accessories can be damaged at any time. So, the microwave oven is also not exceptional yet. Therefore, we get trouble finding a good and loyal microwave repairing service near us. 

MS Engineering offers an excellent service of microwave oven repair in Dhaka at affordable prices. Our experienced technicians are just one call away from you. If your microwave oven makes any trouble, feel free to contact us.


Types of problems you can face with a microwave oven:

  • The microwave does not heat properly.
  • Buttons of the microwave aren't working.
  • Sparking inside the oven.
  • Rust on the body.
  • Problems with the door.
  • The plate does not spin.
  • No light inside.
  • The oven stops in the middle of cooking.

In winter, a day without the microwave is very annoying. If you have or get any of these problems, our technicians are beside you with the best microwave oven servicing in Dhaka. 


Why MS Engineering?

  • Skilled Technicians: Our every technician is enough professional in their work. They have sufficient experience in microwave oven maintenance, repair, and service.
  • Rapid service: Our skilled and experienced technicians ensure a fast microwave oven repair service near you. They are fast and careful to repair your product. So, you don't need to be tensed about time and service quality. 
  • Cost-Friendly: Our service is enough cost-friendly than your local services. Our expert microwave oven technicians are near you to provide you the best quality of microwave oven repair and service at reasonable prices. 
  • Home Service: We offer home service for microwave oven repair in Dhaka. You just need to contact us. Our technicians will be at your door. 


Problems we are expert to solve:

We repair almost every possible issue that you may face with your microwave oven. Here we have added some services to give you a closer look.

  • Microwave oven door repair: If you are facing a problem to open and close your oven door like the door isn't closed properly, or the door is making noise while opening, it's basically a malfunction of your oven's door points with the body of it. Our technicians can fix this problem in a very short time. You just need to contact us.
  • Microwave oven paint repair: If you find some rust on the body of your oven, it's time to paint it. Rust can damage your oven badly. Our technicians use the best painting materials to give a factory finish paint on your microwave. 
  • Microwave oven sparking repair:  When microwave hits inside metal objects, it causes sparks in an oven. Our well-trained technicians have the ability to fix this problem within a very short time. 
  • Microwave oven's plate spinning repair: Spinning is important to warm your meal from all sides. So, if you find that the inside disk of your microwave oven isn't spinning properly, it can be a problem inside your oven's tray motor. If you are facing trouble with this problem, our technicians are ready to fix your problems.  


Which types of microwave ovens do we repair?

We repair almost every brand of the microwave oven. Our technicians are skilled in working with different brands. We ensure nearly every kind of microwave oven repair near you. 


Microwave oven repair cost: 

We offer you a very cost-friendly budget to repair your microwave oven. Also, you don't need to pay any money in advance before servicing. But if you need to book an emergency service, you need to spend some extra charge yet. 


Payment procedure: 

Our payment procedure is quite simple. You can pay via your mobile banking system or hand cash after repairing your microwave oven. You don't need to pay anything in advance.


Booking procedure:

We are here 24 hours in 7 days to give you frequent service. You can connect us anytime you want. 

  • You can book your microwave oven repair appointment by calling us. You have the flexibility to cancel or change your appointment date within 24 hours.
  • You will get an update about your microwave oven repair appointment via text or call whichever you prefer. 


Terms & Condition: 

  1. The service charge is fixed. Only replacement material prices will vary as per your services.
  2. If customers want to buy parts or materials of their own, they will be responsible for any problem after servicing.
  3. We give you 7- day free repair service, but you will not able to get any free services after that time.
  4. If you want to book an emergency service schedule, you need to pay an extra fee. 


"MS Engineering's" mission is to provide the best and safe repair service you will surely share with others.



Answer: We don't make materials. So you can't get any warranty for the materials from us. If the materials contain a warranty, you will have it from their manufactures.

Answer: Yes, you can buy parts. But you will be responsible for any problem after servicing.