Generator Repair Service in Dhaka

Generator Repair Service

Why waste time looking for the technicians when service is near your home? MS Engineering is a platform that provides the best generator installation, maintenance, and generator repair service in Dhaka. We provide professional technicians to check up your generator and offer the best and easy solutions for your generator.

It’s one of our most rated services yet.


Our Services

  • Generator Maintenance: For all kinds of electronic accessories, maintenance is essential. We are offering the best generator maintenance service in Dhaka with budget-friendly charges.
  • Generator repair: We provide all kinds of generator repair services such as small generator repair service, big generator repair service, and portable generator repair service. 
  • Generator Installation: Our generator installation service is full of safety and cleanlinessWe provide whole house generator installation services too.  
  • Generator gas line installation: We safely work for gas line installation. We provide extensively trained technicians who have enough experience for this gas line installation and can safely install your generator’s gas line. 
  • Residential generator service: Our residential generator repair and maintenance service are very clean and full of satisfaction. So if your home generator is not functioning well, just give a call to us.
  • Commercial generator service: We provide commercial generator repair and maintenance services such as natural gas and diesel generators. 
  • Generator backup service: We provide generator backup services for big and small events at affordable prices.  


Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced technicians: All of our technicians are very professional, well trained, and certified also. So we can assure you the best service with satisfaction
  • Home Service: We offer home services for your generator’s safety. We provide home generator maintenance, home generator repair, and home generator installation services.
  • Timely repair option: We have a good number of dedicated staff. They always finish their booked services timelySo be sure that you will get your service on time.
  • Guaranteed quality: At MS Engineering, you will find the best quality services, and we offer 7- days free warranty after discharging.
  • Emergency service: In case of any emergency, we provide emergency service for both day and night. And an extra charge is applicable for emergency services. 


Pricing and cost 

Our service charge is fixed. Generator maintenance and generator installation charges will vary according to your generator’s size. Besides, extra charge is applicable for any emergency services.


Booking procedure

We are open 24 hours and 7- days. So feel free to book your appointment or home service with us. 

  1. You can book your home service or appointments via phone call or automated by website.
  2. We will send updates about our service by emailing or calling you.



Answer: We provide these following things.

  • Clean generator
  • Change oil
  • Change oil filter
  • Check air filter
  • Check air plugs
  • Check battery


Answer: All generators need essential maintenance, clean up, and should check up for leaks annually. After 50-60 hours of use generator’s oil should be changed for reliability.

Answer: The steps of portable generator troubleshoot are:

  • Checking the oil
  • Checking the battery
  • Checking the oil level
  • Checking the air filter
  • Checking the spark plug