Electrical Service

Electric devices make troubles minimum once in their lifetime. But in our urban life, it's hard to find an efficient and loyal electrical technician to fix them. Most of the time, the experience with local electricians isn't very pleasant as well. For this reason, MS Engineering offers the best electrical services in Dhaka.

MS Engineering offers a skilled and experienced group of technicians for different types of electrical malfunctions and checkups. Now you can stop thinking about your inexperienced local technicians; we are here to help you with our best-experienced team to provide better electrical solutions in time and a friendly budget for your family.


Exhaust fan coil repair: Exhaust fans are for draining warm or odorous wind and humidity from the kitchen and washrooms. If you notice that your exhaust fan isn't working, you may think of buying a new one. But by repairing the fan coil, you can get service for some more time. It is cost and eco-friendly. Our team has excellent expertise in repairing exhaust fan coil. So, if you have a problem with your exhaust fan, you may inform us before changing.

Circuit breaker installation: A circuit breaker is an automatic electrical switch that protects devices from damage due to an electrical overload. The internal automated system detects additional electric flow, and it breaks the circuit and saves the devices connected to the electricity. We offer the best quality of electric circuit breaker installation for your home to ensure your electronic home appliances' safety.

Rice cooker repair: A rice cooker is an essential home appliance in our day to day life. But this item can stop working correctly after some uses. A day with a spoiled rice cooker is the worst day for anyone. Repairing the rice cooker is eco and cost-friendly than buying a new one. We offer you to repair rice cookers within a short range of time in an affordable budget.

Electrical checkup: Electricity is dangerous if you don't maintain it properly. A broken switch, circuit breaker, fuse, wires can easily make a short circuit and fire in your house. So experts recommend to checkup the electrical system of the house regularly. It seems like a medical checkup of your body. MS engineering offers an experienced and skilled team for your regular electrical checkup.


Answer: A circuit breaker uses an automatic switch to detect an overflow of electricity. Detecting an overflow, soon, the automatic switch turns off and breaks the circuit and stops all electrical flow to devices. So, this device can rescue from an upcoming hamper.


Answer: Electrical malfunctions can cause electrical problems. To keep your home safe from those problems, you should maintain a regular checkup routine. You should use high-quality materials to reduce risks.