AC Repair Service

Summer always comes with very hot weather, and we know how uncomfortable the summer can be. If your AC is not functioning well and you need the best air conditioner service, then MS Engineering offers the best ac repair service near you. We offer a professional team of technicians who can handle and solve all your problems regarding the air conditioner. 


Our services:

AC repair servicing near Dhaka Bangladesh is one of our most rated services as well. We offer-

  • AC Basic Servicing: AC basic service offers primary diagnosis,filter & blower cleaning,test & identify problems by an expert technician.

  • AC Master Servicing: AC master service offers details cleaning of the indoor & outdoor units including minor problems fixing(Excluding materials & parts),the service charge varies on your AC amount,hight,weight,difficulities. 
  • Basic check-up: We also provide basic check-up and regular maintenance service of air conditioners. If you see changes in your AC's performance, you can call us without hesitation. 
  • AC Installation: We offer a quick and safe home ac installation service to our clients. For getting our AC installation service at your door, make a call in our hotline number.
  • AC shifting service: We provide AC shifting without any damages or destruction of your AC. If shifting cause any destruction, then we will repair it without any charges. 
  • AC Water Drops Solution: this service offers identification of the sourse dripping water from your AC and fixation water drainage  system accordingly.any additional materials/parts will charged separately weight & difficulities.
  • AC Cercuit Repair: This service offers to repair the cercuit of your AC. cercuit box  price and warrenty deffer asper manufacturer  charged separately weight and difficulties.
  • Gas filling service: We provide the best post gas refill service for air conditioners. We always try to ensure customers safety, cleanliness, and respectful services at our best. Our gas filling service in AC charges comparatively less price than others. 
  • Maintenance: For every electronic accessory, especially AC, maintenance is really important. Proper maintenance is essential to get longer and better performance from your AC and to keep your cost down. That is why we offer the best maintenance services for AC near you.

Moreover, our AC repair and installation services are full of satisfaction with guarantee. 


Comprehensive residential ac repair service:

At "MS Engineering" we are ready to help you with all your cooling needs. Our service is available for all brands, and we offer affordable prices on services. Our experienced HVAC experts can diagnose any cooling issue. Our technicians will fix all your problems regarding AC and will do the proper repair as well. So, you can undoubtedly feel confident that you got the best service for your AC. 


Types of ac we repair:

We give all brand's AC repair services, and we have the best repair and replacement services.


Common problems of ac that need to repair:

  1. Odd noise 
  2. Faulty wiring or blown fuses
  3. Burned capacitors
  4. Clogged drain lines 
  5. Warm air blowing out of the vents
  6. Electric control failure
  7. Air conditioner leaking water outside. 


Repair vs. Replacement- Which is best for AC?  

 AC is a costly electronic device, so you must be careful about it. We will say that replacement is always the best option than repair. If you repair your AC, there is no guarantee of destruction in the next day. But if you replace your air conditioner damaged part, we can at least assure you that the AC will last for a couple of years.

Equipment inspection: our technician can quickly find out your equipment for repair and determine its solution soon.


Why choose us? 

  • Experienced Technicians: Every technician of us are highly trained, licensed and certified yet. So we can assure you that you will get high-quality repair services from us.
  • Timely Repair Option: For any emergency AC repair services, we provide quick solutions and same-day appointments that suppress your electronics' downtime. 
  • Guaranteed Quality: We offer highly guaranteed services with customer satisfaction. Besides, we offer a 15- day free warranty as well.  
  • Emergency service: We provide emergency repair services both at day and night. As we provide fast services, you don't need to be tensed about your AC.
  • Home service: We also offer home services for both repair and part's replacement of your AC.


Pricing and cost: Our service charge is fixed, but if there is any need for parts replacement, the parts charge will be applicable. You can also buy materials by yourself; then we will replace it. Also, in need of emergency services, you have to pay extra charges


Our Home Air Conditioner Repair Process:

To ensure your satisfaction with our best service, we do some things differently.

  • Appointment scheduling: Our team member will contact you and confirm your appointment whenever you want. 
  • Repair reminder: You will get a call before your appointment or home service.
  • Repair diagnosis: Our dedicated technician will hear all the problems that you face with your air conditioner.
  • Equipment inspection: Our technician can quickly find out the problem and determine the solution as well. 


Booking procedure:

We are open 24 hours and 7- days a week. So you can book your appointment at any time.

  1. You can book your schedule via mobile call.
  2. We will send updates of your appointment services timely by texting or emailing you.

"MS Engineering's" mission is to provide the best and safe repair service you will surely share with others.


Answer: Some extra care can reduce your AC bill such as-

  • Seal your windows
  • Install a programmable thermostat 
  • Replace your HVAC air filters
  • Insulate your walls or attics
  • Avoid cooking windows
  • Using ceiling fan

Answer: Of course, you can. People think that a ceiling fan should not be used while using AC. But by using a ceiling fan and AC together, you can raise 2 to 4 degrees of the thermostat, and increasing the temperature of your AC can significantly reduce your AC bills.